Scott Merrick in his K-4 computer lab

Hello, ya'll.

I'm Scott Merrick, and you can learn everything you might want to know about me at my personal/professional one-stop-shop, I'm Online Learning Specialist for Metro Nashville Public Schools and a volunteer leader for the International Society for Technology in Education . Busy now building the first online Virtual School in the state of Tennessee, MNPS Virtual School, I'm an educator and a learner, and everything I do in life issues from these two habits of mind.

This wiki is not about me, though: It's about a workshop I very successfully created and facilitated for teachers at my own K12 school in the summer of 2007. I revisited the form for a similar workshop offered to Metro Nashville Public School teachers the following summer. I offer "Web 2.0 for US!" to K12 schools, public school systems, independent schools, and colleges and universities, in return for expenses and a modest fee. I believe the workshop is unique, I know that it is fun, and I have seen for myself that it can make a big difference in the ways teachers understand and begin to incorporate what's come to be called "Web 2.0" technologies into their daily practice.

I firmly believe that doing so is important, for many reasons. My qualifications? I podcast, I blog, I twitter, I frequent the 3Dinternet, and I'm knee-deep in the Great Conversation that is Web 2.0 in its myriad forms. There are no "experts," just enthusiasts and advocates who may have given the field a little more attention than others have: I certainly don't know everything, but I know a lot about how to learn what one needs to learn.

I hope that the resources here will help you understand and find a way to promote the adoption and understanding of the Read/Write Web amongst your teachers, students, and colleagues, whether or not you arrange for you and your teachers to experience "Web 2.0 for US!."

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Visit the links in the sidebar for more information. See USNWeb2oh for illustrative videos and resources collected in the Summer 2007 workshop. See VU CSO-Summer 2008 for the same from that session.

Contact me about this at my email, and please reference "Web 2.0 for US!" in your subject header. I'll be glad to communicate.