"Web 2.0 for Us" is a Week-long Workshop for Educators' Web 2.0 Discovery, Exploration, and Application:

The goal of this workshop is to "unboggle" participant teachers' perceptions of Web 2.0 tools. In doing so, the week will help educators understand some of the implications of the Read/Write Web to the future of teaching (and learning, and working) in our increasingly collaborative world, and it will give participating teachers the TIME (sic) to explore tools that appeal to their own teaching style and curricula.

The tools we explore will be the selfsame tools we will use to document our work--toward gifting our colleagues world-wide with the fruits of our experience and toward providing ourselves and our colleagues with an archive of our explorations. Expert visits will take place through Skype and other technologies, including Second Life. Summer 2007 visitors included David Warlick, Steve Hargadon, and Peggy Sheehy.

Though the one-week duration of the workshop can be modified, I truly believe that it will be most effective in its one week iteration. Teachers need TIME to explore, and the relationships that can develop and progress during a week-long collaborative experience like this can strengthen your organization immeasurably. That said, see Workshop Options for available configuration options.

How many workshops have you shared with your teachers that seemed just great while they were happening but had no life beyond the goodbyes? This is not one of those.

Class size--15 teachers
This can be expanded, modestly, with the addition of a teacher assistant for Scott, which will necessarily affect the budget.

Tentative Daily Schedule:
8:30—Join us for coffee and chat
9:00—Brief opening introduction
9:30 or 10—Independent/Team exploration
11:30—Lunch on your own
12:30—Back for interaction or exploration
2:30—Closing discussion
3:00—You’re outta here (if…you don't want to hang out a while)

Some Web 2.0 Applications We're Sure to Visit:
Blogs and Blogging
Podcasts and Podcasting
RSS feed aggregators for resource management
Social (and Professional) Networks, including Video Networking
Second Life and the 3Dinternet, including MUVEs and Online Gaming
Skype, VOIP, and Chat
and anything else that takes the particular attendees' interest--see http://usnweb2oh.wikispaces.com/Web+2.0+Techologies
for those that we "collected" during the summer 2007 week

Driving questions for self-paced investigation of each technology:
• What are the characteristics of this technology? Its strengths and limitations?
• What tools are available to implement each technology and what differentiates each version of the tool from its competitors?
• How are educators using this technology to facilitate learning?
• How might I use this technology in my own classroom to enhance learning?
• How might I use this technology to further my own professional development?
• What will it cost me in terms of time or budget to implement this technology?
• How might I combine this technology with others I’m learning about to maximize learning for both my students and myself?